Reduce Waste and Expenses

A recent contest at Small Business Trends encouraged readers to share their best green small business tips. The end result is a list of 100 eco-friendly business management tips—most of them incredibly simple—that, in many cases, can save you money. Thrive by implementing these cost-saving ideas in your business:

  • Collect data on your usage amounts. Barry Benjamin, of Going Green, notes that in order to “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle,” businesses first need to know what they are using and how much. Then he suggests setting goals for cutting back.

  • Get a free energy audit. One way to accomplish the above tip is to get a free audit. Becky McCray, of Small Biz Survival, notes that many electric utilities and some water utilities offer this service.

  • Bike to work. According to Anne-Marie Bonneau, of The Economator, there’s now a tax credit for employees commuting to work through the Bicycle Commuter Act. She says offering this to employees can save businesses up to 9.5 percent of FICA contributions.

  • Adjust your thermostat. Set your store temperature to 74 degrees to save on air conditioning in the summer, and to set it to 70 degrees in the winter.

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