Publisher’s Notes


How often do we see or hear the phrase, “New and improved”? Almost daily, it seems. But it’s still a true thing to say about your 1995 Jewelers’ Directory Issue, which came in the mail in January. After a publishing lifetime of more than 30 years, the Directory has gone through some really radical changes – all of them designed to make it the most useful possible buying tool and reference source you can have in your business.

To be very honest, when you first look at some of the changes we’ve made, you may think we’ve gone out of our way to make your life more complicated. Some of the listings now look quite formidable. But if you take a moment to study what’s been added, you’ll see just how useful they have become.

Let’s look at just three sample entries.

First, take diamond bracelets. Rather than offer a specific listing for this product, the previous Directory just listed manufacturers of diamond jewelry whom you could contact to see if they offered such a product. In the new Directory you not only can find the names of companies which offer this product, but you also can see which of seven different metals or alloys they come in and which of seven different styles. For example, the A.D.D. Jewelry Corp. offers diamond bracelets in 14k, 18k and above, and in bangle and cuff styles.

Now let’s look at colored stone jewelry. You have a request for an emerald pin set in platinum. If you look in the long list of firms offering emerald jewelry, the first name you come across offering the particular combination you want is Robert Adams Ltd. And there are many other sources, too.

Third, let’s look at the Directory section called “Company profiles.” In previous Directories we simply listed company names, addresses and phone and fax numbers. The 1995 Jewelers’ Directory Issue contains much more information on many firms. First there’s the year the firm was formed, then how long it’s been under present management and then two sections – one giving details on payment terms and the other on services/programs offered. Thus, to take one example, we see that Aaura Inc. was founded in 1984, offers net 30 days and is willing to negotiate terms; it also has co-op ads, flyer/catalogs and helps with in-store promotions.

Many people on the JCK staff contributed to this improved Directory, but two must be singled out: Linda Whitfield, our marketing manager, who supervised the project, and Kathy Ellis, our Directory editor, who performed miracles to get the job done on time. When you study and use your 1995 Jewelers’ Directory Issue, I’m sure you’ll add your thanks and congratulations for work very well done.