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Q:  What kind of jewelry do you see trending among your customers right now?
—Kendra Logan, sales manager, Siebke Hoyt Jewelers, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

 “Varying colors of gold are strong in gold fashion and engagement rings. Chocolate gold does very well in gold fashion, and rose gold is picking up steam in fashion and engagement rings. I realized this after we hosted a trunk show with Simon G and pretty much everything we sold was rose gold. In bridal, halo designs are still very strong, along with vintage, split shanks, and classic shared prongs. Men’s wrist-wear [bracelets] is doing well from Scott Kay. Looking ahead, I am stocking longer diamond fashion necklaces from Hearts On Fire, as well as continuing to stock long strands of pearls, roughly 36-inch, in varying colors for summer. Cherry and peacock colors are very popular now.”  
Peter Manka Jr., owner, Ben Garelick Jewelers, Williamsville, N.Y.

“We are seeing an increase in layering with yellow gold, with one to three yellow gold chains of all thicknesses and lengths, set with diamonds and diamond stations with various gold shapes like flowers. We’re also doing well with inside-out diamond hoop earrings, from ¾-inch sizes up to two inches in diameter. Spring-like colored ­rings and earrings, especially with diamond accents, are very popular. The white Chanel ceramic watches sell especially well as part of this seasonal spring and summer trend.”
Todd Brown, vice president, Radcliffe Jewelers, Baltimore

“Long necklaces, 40 inches and longer, layered with shorter [ones] 16 to 24 inches in length. The necklaces are typically set with gemstones and pearls, while a plain necklace is being worn with a pendant. Chocolate and rough-cut diamonds are coming together in a macramé back with a precious metal plate on front set with colored stones and diamonds. Brightly colored dresses from the Oscars ushered in seasonal bright watch designs, with Michele and Philip Stein leading the way. And pearl necklaces in brown and gray colors or a combination of these colors in off-round and baroque shapes are also doing well.”
Helain Pesis, owner, Continental Diamond, Minneapolis

“It’s going more toward traditional. We’ve switched from micro-pavé to cleaner, more traditional styles. We’re doing a lot of remounts. It’s gone from little bitty side stones to a cleaner, bigger side stone. Two years ago, all you saw were rings with a bunch of little diamonds. We’re doing a lot of stones from 1 carat to 1¾ carats. Side stones have gone from 1 and 2 points to 10 to 12 points on average. Diamonds are off; black diamonds are selling strong. In fashion, silver has really become the new gold. Lines like ELLE have come on strong because of the price points. Sarah Hope’s E’Sperene $200 to $500 pieces have been great for anything that has color to it. Bridal is fantastic—there’s a big push for bridal this spring.”
Joe Rarrat, store manager, Thorpe and Co., Sioux City, Iowa
“We’ve seen steady interest in silver bead bracelets. Silver, high-quality fashion ­jewelry, even gold fashion jewelry—Marco Bicego and Roberto Coin—is doing well. Longer necklaces, dangle earrings…there’s always a steady business in classic. A little renewed [interest] in pearls—classic necklaces and studs. Mostly white pearls; occasionally we’ll do something in a black. For second and third rings, sometimes we’re doing fancy yellow and fancy browns, but generally white. We’re starting to see interest in rose gold. We are also seeing in bridal, trending away from the lightweight, vintage look and getting into something with more substance.”
Jeff Jaffe, co-owner, Harold Jaffe Jewelers, Toledo, Ohio

“We have recently seen a trend to larger diamonds in engagement rings, in the 2 to 3 carat range, with cushion shapes and princess cuts being the most popular. For engagement rings, white metal still rules. We have also noticed a greater awareness and appreciation for the work of designer Alex Sepkus, with yellow gold being the most popular metal choice. People love to see all of the detail that goes into each piece, and they can feel the weight of the gold, which helps to create the allure that follows his work. Many of the pieces we have sold recently are set with unusual colored stones, such as fancy colored sapphires and diamonds and mocha-colored tourmaline. Larger, bolder jewelry seems to be making a comeback.”
Ron Beauchamp, president, Beauchamp Jewelers, Albuquerque, N.M. 

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