Pluczenik and Chaumet Strike Deal

Diamantaire and sightholder Pluczenik unveiled a diamond jewelry partnership with French design firm Chaumet during BaselWorld. Pluczenik will supply diamonds to Chaumet for its Attrape-moi, si tu m’aimes (Catch me, if you love me) collection. The jewelry will be sold exclusively at Chaumet stores worldwide.

Pluczenik recently has been partnering with more jewelry brands, including Black Star & Frost, owned by Molina Fine Jewelers. Pluczenik also has global licensing rights for Escada Fine Jewelry, to design, manufacture, and market collections.

“We are certain that our combined skills will result in a new peak of creativity and excellence that will call out Catch Me to the world’s most demanding clientele,” said Shmuel Pluczenik, chief executive officer of Pluczenik, in a company statement.