Platinum: Marla Aaron’s Locks, Furrer Jacot’s Batman-Inspired Ring

Marla Aaron platinum starlock
Platinum All Stone Starlock with diamonds on 16-inch platinum chain; $14,150


Love Locks

“Emotional hardware” is how fine jewelry designer Marla Aaron has described her collection in the past. And considering the industrial nature of her brand’s core style—an oval lock that elevates a hardware store carabiner to fine jewelry—the description fits. The creative evolution of Aaron’s locks now includes a series of gorgeous platinum locks with chains. The designer says she likes working with the white metal because of its weightiness and steely color, qualities that “make the word precious tangible, even on the smallest scale,” she explains. “That’s why I love platinum. It’s like—boom! This is jewelry.”

Top: Platinum Twisted Lock on 22-inch platinum chain, $4,803; platinum Hatshepsut Lock with diamonds on 16-inch handmade platinum biker chain, $32,750; platinum Boomerang Lock on 22-inch platinum chain, $3,152; Marla Aaron;; 


Furrer Jacot batman ringHOT STOCK TIP

Holy Adornment!

Batman was the pop culture inspiration behind this bold men’s ring from Swiss jewelry atelier Furrer Jacot. The aerodynamic design, also available in a diamond-studded version, “signifies the bat’s silent but precise gliding through space and time,” says Zoe Grillo, client relations manager for the brand, adding that the just-released jewels “are already a favorite among comic fans.”

Ring made with 25.44 grams of platinum; $9,594;

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