Planet Diamond: Jewelry That Will Rock Your World

Explore a dazzling new realm of fine jewelry, from cometlike drop earrings to Saturn-style tennis necklaces. They’re truly out of this world!


blackened diamond jewelryBlacked Out

(Clockwise from top) Dagger studs in 18k blackened white gold with black diamonds; $4,455; Eva Fehren; 646-861-3595;

Black diamond pavé coil ring in silver with black rhodium; $3,500; Lynn Ban;;

Black diamond pinkie ring in 18k blackened gold; $3,990; Shay; 424-777-0210;

Medium black diamond Flip ring in 18k blackened gold; $4,950; Nina Runsdorf; 212-382-1243;

Echo ring with black diamonds in 18k white gold and sterling silver with black rhodium; $11,600; Vram; 310-859-9545;


bold bezel set diamond jewelryBold Bezels

(Clockwise from top) Whirl diamond ring in 18k yellow gold; $3,950; Carelle; 800-225-7782;

Fancy black diamond cuff in 18k yellow gold and silver with white diamonds; $50,350; Todd Reed; 303-442-6280;

Champagne diamond earrings in 18k yellow gold and oxidized silver; $3,450; Syna;;

Diamond Reyna necklace in 24k yellow gold; $24,300; Yossi Harari;;

White and brown diamond earrings in 18k rose and black gold; $9,500; Mike Joseph;;


tennis necklacesThe New Tennis Necklace

(Clockwise from top left) The Static Line necklace in 18k blackened white gold with black and white diamonds; $25,750; Eva Fehren; 646-861-3595;

Rose-cut white diamond necklace in 18k rose gold; $8,140; Sethi Couture; 415-863-1475;

Diamond necklace in 14k white gold; $3,980; Gabriel & Co.; 212-519-1489;

Elizabeth diamond necklace in 14k yellow gold; $27,500; Jacquie Aiche; 310-550-7529;

Diamond necklace in 18k white gold; $158,100; Picchiotti; 855-570-9900;


dramatic dangling diamond jewelryDramatic Cascades

(Clockwise from top) Diamond earrings in 18k white gold; $56,800; Yeprem, 96-12-65-566;

Dream Catcher earrings with diamonds and enamel in 20k gold; $39,000; Buddha Mama; 305-439-2059;

Black enamel and diamond earrings in 18k white gold; $22,000; Sarah Hendler; 646-745-6831;

Once Upon a Time diamond whirl necklace in 18k white gold; price on request; Messika;;

Small diamond raindrop earrings in 18k white gold; $13,875; Anita Ko; 424-302-0413;


negative space diamond jewelryNegative Space

(Clockwise from top left) Diamond Garland ring in 14k yellow gold; $695; Ariel Gordon; 213-488-2618;

Cove pavé band in 18k yellow gold with diamonds; $1,680; KatKim;;

Triple Diamond Staple ring in 14k yellow gold; $1,125; Eriness;;

Olympus knuckle ring in 14k white gold with diamonds; $4,600; Carbon & Hyde; 213-457-7377;

Open graduated bezel V cuff in 14k yellow gold with diamonds; $2,150; Zoë Chicco;

Digital art by Alfredo Ceballos

(Royalty Stock Photo/istock/Getty; DTP/Digitalvision/Getty;
Ricardo Vieira/EyeEm/Getty; Jan Ljunggren/EyeEm)

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