Patented Process for Black Titanium

Spectore Corp., a producer of titanium jewelry and accessories, has developed a procedure for producing black titanium and named its new product line Black-Ti.

Black-Ti, a proprietary titanium alloy, is composed entirely of rare earth and strategic elements and insignificant amounts of trace elements. This alloy is far more costly than other titanium products due in part to the rarity of the alloy materials. All of the alloy materials are inert, extremely reactive at high temperatures, and must be processed, at every stage, in tightly controlled environments.

The black forms from the outside in and is a result of the chemistry between the alloys, temperature, and atmospheric conditioning. The depth of the blackening is proportionate to the time and temperature. Once blackened, the surface becomes extremely hard through the entire blackened depth with a ceramic-like molecular structure. For this reason, and, to address the concern for emergency removal, the company maintains lower thicknesses.

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