Particulieres: Our Favorite Instagram Feed of the Month

Packed with substantial pieces and superstylish photos, Shelly Branch’s Particulieres ( is a vintage (and gold!) jewelry lover’s dream. Think hefty chains, chunky cabochons, and sculptural designs from the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s, described with an expert’s eye and staged to gilded perfection.

Particulieres 1970s lapis pendant“A most stylish slab”: a 1970s textured 18k gold and lapis pendant sourced from Paris (sold)

Particulieres abacus diamond ringFor the fidgety jewelry lovers among us: an abacus-style 18k gold ring with movable diamonds (sold)

Particulieres 1970s haroldo burle marx aqua collarA 1970s asymmetric aquamarine and brushed gold Haroldo Burle Marx collar (sold)

Particulieres elsa peretti sevillana jade cuffThe sinuous Sevillana cuff—with a rare oversize black jade center—by Elsa Peretti for Tiffany (sold)

Particulieres anchor link braceletBranch posted this anchor-link bracelet—“a symbol of chains that were undone”—on Juneteenth (sold).

Particulieres 1980s kinetic ringA kinetic ’80s ring by British designer Garrard with spinning diamond and blue ceramic cylinders (sold)