One Charming Book

The Charm of Charms, written by Jade Albert and Ki Hackney and published by Abrams Books, is a definite must for a jeweler’s coffee table. Whether placed in the store for customers to browse and be inspired by, sent to customers as a special gift, or just added to a jeweler’s personal library, this is a worthwhile book to own.

The book, slated for release this month, combines fun, fashion, and beautiful photography with an easy-to-read but thorough and scholarly review of the subject of charms. From the most ancient adornments found in historic caves to souvenir advertising charms to ultra-high-end miniature jeweled wonders, the subject is covered comprehensively.

The authors weave ancient and contemporary history and lore with personal and heartwarming stories about the role charms, charm bracelets, and amulets have played in the lives of celebrities, socialites, and ordinary people. Personal testimony demonstrates the meanings and messages that a charm can convey. Here are three examples:

A woman whose sister perished in the World Trade Center on September 11 wears her charm bracelet as a memorial. Jewelry designer Pedro Boregaard made a charm from a small piece of tree branch that snapped off in his hands during an almost tragic hike. Another woman wears the original Marchal Jewelers charm bracelet presented to her grandfather on the 1960s television program This Is Your Life.

Readers will be captivated by the personal stories, impressed by the beautiful photography, and genuinely educated by the well-researched text. And, for jewelers who might be tempted to use the book as a customer gift, it’s hard to imagine any reader not being inspired to purchase a few special talismans herself.