• Swiss luxury brand Montblanc has named Dr. Rita Simo, founder of the 28-year-old People’s Music School in Chicago, the recipient of its 2005 Montblanc de la Culture Award. She was cited for providing children with a tuition-free classical-music education, while teaching self-discipline, community responsibility, and how commitment and hard work lead to lifelong success, said Jan-Patrick Schmitz, president and chief executive officer of Montblanc North America.

  • The Swatch Group has added Swiss astronaut Claude Nicollier to its board of directors, despite some criticism from an investors group that he lacked financial experience. Nicollier, 60, said his selection was “unconventional” but that he brings valuable technical expertise and experience as an astronaut. The Swatch Group’s brands include Omega, the first watch on the moon and the official watch of NASA.

  • DomusHora Inc., which distributes Italian luxury watch brands Buti, Officina Del Tempo, and Momo Design in the United States, is the new U.S. distributor of Swiss luxury brand Eberhard.

  • Watchmaker Lucien Piccard has taken over worldwide distribution (including the United States) of Lorenzo Pozzan watches and jewelry. Lorenzo Pozzan will benefit from Lucien Piccard’s “global distribution capabilities,” said Sara Bragagia, president of LPJ, which has made watches in Vicenza, Italy, since 1963, and both will gain access to “new, broader market demographics.” LPJ’s U.S. office is in Miami.