Tiffany Sales Rise, Profits Fall

Tiffany & Co. said that net sales for fiscal year 2006 rose 11 percent to $2.6 billion. But 2006’s net earnings were approximately equal to 2005. U.S. sales rose 9 percent for the year, to $1.3 billion, with same-store sales jumping 5 percent for the year.

Jewelers of America Launches J-Biz

Jewelers of America has launched a Learning by Sharing section on its J-Biz Web site. It features a live discussion blog, where jewelers can share business insights, ask questions, and offer suggestions on managing and overcoming the challenges of the modern independent retailer. It can be accessed online from JA’s home page at (click on the J-Biz logo).

Sterling Promotes Staff

Sterling Jewelers has promoted several staff members. Stephen Martz and Michael Molanare are both being promoted to the position of vice president, regional operations; David Bouffard to vice president, public relations; Denise Olivieri Shaffer to vice president, corporate treasury; and Jason Shaffer to vice president, supply-chain management.