New GIA Gem ID Reports and Fees

The Gemological Institute of America’s Gem Identification Laboratory is changing some of its reports (see “True Colors,” JCK, April 2006, p. 72). Rubies, sapphires, and alexandrites will join emeralds in receiving their own gem-specific reports, which will include separate information for species, variety, quantification of treatments when present, and a photograph of the gemstone.

“Our goal is to provide our clients with the most thorough research and clear reporting available,” says Tom Moses, senior vice president of GIA Gem Laboratory and Research. Moses points out that the new ruby and sapphire reports include disclosure nomenclature agreed upon by the Laboratory Manual Harmonization Committee (see “Labs Define Padparadscha,” p. 64).

Along with new services come new fees. “Because of the growing number of increasingly sophisticated treatments for gemstones in existence today, more research and time is needed to identify and analyze gemstones,” says Moses.

The new identification-services fees went into effect March 1, 2006. It’s available online as a PDF file on the GIA Web site, Instructions for submitting gemstones directly to the GIA Laboratory from anywhere in the world are also on the site, or clients can call (800) 421-7250, ext. 7590 (United States and Canada).