New Distinction Categories for MJSA Vision Awards

Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America has announced new categories for its 2007 MJSA Vision Awards (formerly known as the American Vision Awards). This year also marks the first time international applicants are eligible.

The introduction of a Laser Distinction category, sponsored by Crafford-LaserStar Technologies, will highlight designs created with a laser. A Palladium Distinction category, sponsored by Palladium Alliance International, also has been added for 2007, and the Natural Color Diamond Association will sponsor the Natural Color Diamond Distinction category.

MJSA’s 2007 Distinction categories will also include Crystal Distinction, sponsored by Swarovski; CAD/CAM Distinction, sponsored by Gemvision; Mokumé-Gane Distinction, sponsored by Reactive Metals Studio and Shining Wave Metals; and Reactive Metals Distinction, sponsored by Reactive Metals Studio, Cabot Supermetals, and Perryman Co. There will also be prizes for first- and second-place honors in the Professional and Student categories.

Winners will receive monetary awards of up to $1,000 and will be honored at the annual Designer Day conference on March 17, 2007, sponsored by MJSA and the Jeweler’s Resource Bureau.

Entries must be received by Nov. 30. For submission guidelines and further information, call (800) 444-6572, ext. 3037, or e-mail: