Nepalese Kyanite is an Eye-Opener

Kyanite typically is multicolored, highly included gem material from India—interesting for big fashion pieces but rarely seen in the high-end market. Bear and Cara Williams of Bear Essentials in Jefferson City, Mo., recently sent us a pair of magnificent blue kyanites from Nepal. Kyanite is an aluminum silicate, like the better-known gem andalusite, but forms in unique flat crystals that have “directional hardness”: 7 at the width, and 5 down the length. Because of its highly zoned and included nature, prices for the common kyanite can range from 50 cents to a dollar per carat. The source for this new gemmy material is difficult to reach, and it’s hard to come by, but for the collector, this one looks like a terrific find. For more information, contact Bear Essentials at (800) 753-4367.