NAJA Hosts Continuing Education Conference

The National Association of Jewelry Appraisers will hold its 26th Annual Mid-Year Conference Aug. 21–24 in San Diego at the Town and Country Resort.

Educational programs scheduled for Aug. 21 include: “How to Keep Money Flying Into Your Bank Account in Good Times and in Bad,” presented by Brian Kathenes, ISA-CAPP; “The Business Web Site: If You Build It, Will They Come? If They Click, Will They Call? If They Call, Will They Buy?” presented by Jan Giamonco; “Introducing CIRCA—Another Useful Resource for Appraisers,” presented by Peter Shemonsky; and “Passions, Perils & Profits on eBay,” presented by Brenda Reichel, G.G., and Karen McGinn, G.G.

Programs slated for Aug. 22 include: “Distinguishing Marks of Master Jewelers,” presented by Danusia Niklewicz, G.G., and William Whetstone; “Hallmarks, the New World Order,” presented by Danusia Niklewicz, G.G., and William Whetstone; “Textile Structures in Contemporary Jewelry,” presented by Arline Fisch; “Ornamental Alternatives: A Timeline of ‘Other’ Jewelry Materials & Techniques,” presented by Christie Romero; and “European Designer Jewelry,” presented by Ginger Moro.

Programs to be offered on Aug. 23 include: “Using the AGS Cut Analysis Tools in Appraising,” presented by Peter Yanzer, G.G.; “Estimating a GIA Cut Grade,” presented by Al Gilbertson, G.G., and Patrick Ball, G.G.; “A System to Describe the Face-Up Color Appearance of White and Off-White Diamonds,” presented by Tom Tashey, G.G., FGA; “IGI’s Natural Color Diamond Report,” presented by David Weinstein, G.G.; and “Putting It All Together—The Four Cs,” presented by Gary Roskin, G.G., FGA.

Offerings for Aug. 24 include: “The Impact on Gemstone Valuation Caused by Branding and Fair Trade in Colored Gemstones,” presented by Eric Braunwart; “Visual Characteristics of Treated Gems,” presented by John Koivula, G.G., FGA; and “Appraising Jadeite Jade: When to Go High, When to Go Low, and When to Stay Away,” presented by Don Kay, Ph.D.

To receive a conference brochure or for further information and conference reservations, contact Gail Brett Levine at (718) 896-1536, e-mail:,