Multiple Trends Stir Fashion Excitement

Color shows no sign of stopping, as trendsetters at the Las Vegas trade shows unveiled even more collections featuring mixes of color—especially vibrant contrasts or subtle, tonal mixes that give jewelry texture. No single color emerged as dominant—though green is still strong—but opal was a standout stone in various, translucent hues.

Layering, versatility, and texture were strong trends that carried across all categories. Stack rings, bangle bracelets, and layered necklaces (either multiple necklaces or multi-chain single pieces) were typical examples. The long and lean silhouette continues to be strong, but with slightly more volume. Drop earrings, for example, aren’t spaghetti-strand-thin anymore; instead they feature multiple drops for movement and texture or a more substantial single silhouette. Texture also played a part in pearl necklaces featuring eclectic mixes of various-sized pearls.

Designers are taking versatility to the next level, going beyond the rudimentary earrings-with-removable-drops concepts and trying new ideas—like a pendant that can be detached from a chain to be worn as a ring, or an opera-length necklace that detaches to form several necklaces or bracelets in varying lengths.

Movement continues to be a key design element, from drop earrings to charm-like elements on bracelets and other categories. Rings with moving parts are increasingly popular.

For inspiration, designers are looking to Asia and India. Like the runways of New York and Milan, the jewelry cases in Vegas offered an array of Eastern influences. From rich high-karat yellow gold to strong medallion shapes, various periods and regions are represented in this trend. Not surprisingly, Deco motifs—historically popular in the context of Asian-influenced design—followed nicely.

Men’s jewelry continues to be a strong trend, especially in white metals mixed with other materials—like rubber or leather.