Mixing Things Up

Like an army changing its official uniform, fashionistas everywhere are systematically eliminating black from their wardrobes. Considering how long the black trend lasted—and how pervasive it was—the idea of pruning such a wardrobe standby seems almost radical. But designers have enforced the idea for the coming season by launching fall and winter clothes in rich, vibrant colors. For jewelry manufacturers, the shift toward color has meant a renewed focus on gemstones and enamel. As the trend grows, and fashion-forward consumers look for more than just the typical monotone cocktail ring or simple earrings, designers and manufacturers are offering them the next step in the color trend: jewelry that mixes colors. From subtle tonal combinations to bold, eye-popping contrast, pieces that combine multiple colors allow women to either match jewelry to their newfound colorful clothing or make a colorful fashion statement without sacrificing their beloved neutral wardrobe.

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