Tool Time, The Goods: Garmin’s Vivomove HR & More


Garmin’s Vívomove HR

Garmin is a veteran fitness wearable developer famous for its GPS technology. But in its 29-year history, the brand has made few devices that appeal to women. The new Vívomove HR hybrid watch—which comes in a 43 mm rose gold case on a white silicone band, among other color combos (a heavier Premium version boasts a leather strap)—addresses that lopsidedness. The upgrade to Garmin’s first general-audience fitness watch, Vívomove hides its “smarts” in a fetching analog design that’s as fit for the office as for the asphalt.

What we liked: It’s a high-tech watch with old-school good looks. The device resembles a trendy minimalist analog timepiece. But it’s actually a touch-screen display that communicates notes and alerts discreetly at the bottom of the face, and only when you tap the bezel.

What we didn’t like: It’s a minor complaint, but it’s hard to read that cool digital display when the watch is bathed in full sunlight. The glare from the device’s glass obscures it.

Best feature: Arguably, no wearable maker does fitness features as well as Garmin—and the Vívomove HR offers some innovative ones, including an all-day stress tracker, a relaxation timer to help users manage stress, and a 24/7 heart rate monitor that also accurately gauges workout intensity. ($199 for Sport, $299 for Premium;

For alerts, tap the bezel and the clock hands quickly move to 10 and 2 so the display isn’t blocked (a very cool touch).


orion 150s welderSUPPLY IN DEMAND

Orion 150s Welder

Upping the efficiency of the busy bench jeweler is the mission of the Orion 150s, the newest welder from Stuller. The solidly built unit is a combined pulse-arc welder and a capacitive discharge resistance welder. In Tack mode, the Orion can be used to temporarily ­position parts before welding or soldering; in Pulse Arc mode, the tool can perform permanent welds and add metal. Jewelers can weld spots ranging in size from approximately 0.5 to 3.5 mm, using one of more than 400 power settings—allowing for infinite creative possibilities. ($4,900; 

Stuller’s Orion 150s welder (with floating microscope) features technology that prolongs the life of the electrode—so less time is spent sharpening it.

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