Marketing With E-mail

Here are seven ways to improve e-mail marketing.

  1. Develop your own list of recipients. Don’t rely on lists offered for rent or purchase. Build your own list by asking customers, in the store, for permission to send e-mails to them. This is called “opting in.”

  2. Create relevant content. Don’t transfer content from other formats to e-mails. Create personalized messages based on information collected from customers. Use a database to segment your marketing.

  3. Adhere to professional standards. Follow all laws. Offer safe one-click unsubscribe links, privacy statements, and a physical address with e-mails. Send from a verified e-mail address.

  4. Consider an e-mail service provider. ESPs can help with e-mail deliverability, database and list management, template design, content, and tracking reports and provide advice and consulting on a range of issues.

  5. Get subscribers to take action. Motivate recipients to read your e-mails by writing clear, concise messages presenting your value proposition—the benefits and costs associated with a product or service. A differentiated value proposition tells customers why they should prefer your offerings over all others. Testimonials, facts, and incentives help stimulate buyers to take action. A strong call to action tells readers what to do next.

  6. Develop a professional look. Use e-mail templates and incorporate your company name in all marketing, including e-mail “from” lines, addresses, and signature as well as online directories, blogs, and social network sites. Use images, links, colors, borders, fonts, and layout to reinforce key message elements. Use words, fonts, images, and colors that convey emotions associated with jewelry.

  7. Use design to reinforce multiple brand messages. Studies show consumers respond more positively to brands they recognize and messages that are familiar. Use an identifiable and readable logo in all print and digital formats. Use your logo and colors consistently in signs, forms, e-mails, Web site, receipts, business cards, ads, and collateral materials. Use a consistent format across mediums by using the same fonts, layouts, images, headlines, contact information, and call to action.

Jewelry marketers must use several media to communicate with audiences. Every message should provide relevant content so recipients are encouraged to read the next message. E-mail marketing creates unique advantages through personalized, targeted, interest-specific messages to a large number of customers and prospects. Implementing these steps can improve your e-mail open rates, click rates, and return on advertising investment.

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