Looking Back…JP Jewelry and Camera (1965)

“The store was in Argo, Ill., and the woman behind the counter is Mary Skuratowicz, the mother of Arthur Skuratowicz—who is probably in the back teething on a ring mandrel!” jokes Julie Nash of Anton Nash LLC Independent Jewelry Appraisers and the Jewelry Training Center, both in Colorado Springs, Colo. Her husband and business partner, Arthur Skuratowicz, adds: “Dad bought the place in 1957”—it opened in 1948—“and I was 1 year old when the photo was taken.”

The Skuratowicz family closed the store three years ago, but Arthur hangs on to fond memories. “We fixed everything—my father and grandfather were watchmakers,” he explained. “We worked side by side together for years—with no fighting!”

Today, the couple operates a trade school and appraisal business. Says Nash, “Publishing this photo would be a great surprise to show my mother-in-law; I don’t think she’s ever been in JCK.” Adds Skurato­wicz, “She ran our store, though my father thought he did.”