Look in the Mirror!

The finest salespeople look at their careers as an opportunity to build a business within a business. A commissioned jewelry salesperson has the opportunity to make as much money as he or she wants or as little as a minimum-wage earner. A salesperson can choose to be average, below average, or exceptional. The decision is solely that, a choice each salesperson makes, on his or her own. The only person holding him back from reaching his goals and aspirations, in many cases, is the person who looks back at him in the mirror every day.

Not only can a commissioned jewelry salesperson make all the money she wants, but also, at the same time, someone else has all the responsibility for expenses and liabilities. The following is my definition of a true sales professional:

One who causes the exchange of ownership of a product or service based on the customer’s wants and needs, with integrity.

Too often, what holds a salesperson back is a lack of knowledge. Many people simply do not have the information they need. I would never fault anyone for not knowing something, but I would fault them for not seeking the knowledge and education they require. Salespeople should be asking: How do I grow my business within a business? How do I get people to come back in and ask for me individually? How can I sell to more of the people I talk to? How can I sell more to my repeat customers?

There are three basic ways a salesperson can increase sales:

1.Get more people to come into the store. Strategies include networking, passing out business cards, asking customers for referrals, telephone/e-mail campaigns, word-of-mouth advertising, talking to friends and family, and more.

2.Sell to more of the people already coming into the store. This means increasing your closing ratio and being relentless in your pursuit of knowledge in order to increase your productivity.

3.Sell more to the people you already are selling to through add-ons and bump-ups. Increase perceptions of value with words and ask solid add-on questions to get your customer to tell you what his or her next jewelry purchase will be—then sell it now.


  1. More people in store

  2. Higher closing ratio

  3. Add-ons and bump-ups