Leinart Named IceLink Spokesman

Matt Leinart, Arizona Cardinal quarterback and 2004 Heisman Award winner, has signed an exclusive, multiyear deal with IceLink, a Los Angeles luxury watch and jewelry manufacturer. IceLink’s use of Leinart started with its first-ever national advertising campaign, titled “Do You Have the Time,” launched in November.

Leinart is “the new face of the NFL and the new face of IceLink Watch,” said IceLink owner Andy Sogoyan. Leinart, a self-described “watch fanatic,” said he looked forward to helping establish the IceLink brand across the country.

The four-year, seven-figure agreement extends through the 2010 NFL season. IceLink will use Leinart in print ad campaigns and at least four public appearances annually. It will also support the Matt Leinart Foundation, a learning center for underprivileged and disabled children.