Karan Honors Robert Lee Morris

After a collaborative business partnership that spanned nearly 20 years, during which designer Donna Karan featured Robert Lee Morris’s designs on her runways and in her stores, the fashion guru honored Morris in a more festive way.

Karan hosted a party in tribute to Morris at her flagship Madison Avenue store in December. The event was attended by clients and the New York fashion set and featured Morris’s work in several categories—jewelry, accessories, and sculpture.

A departure from what both Karan and Morris are known for—fashion and accessories—the focus that evening was on Morris’s new sculpture collection, “Sails & Stacks.” Hand-forged by Morris, the work represents the sculptural, liquid-like metal shapes that have been the designer’s signature style in jewelry and accessories since 1970. In addition to being displayed during the party, Morris’s sculpture will be sold at the Donna Karan store.