Jewelry Tools, Apps & Supplies: November–December 2018


Skagen Falster 2

skagen falster 2 pairDanish watch and accessories brand Skagen has released an update to the sleek Falster smartwatch it debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show in ­January. The Falster 2 adds to the connected watch’s functions—most notably, a heart rate monitor in response to customer demand—and builds on its spare design with the addition of minimalist battery-saving watch dials and two programmable pushers (for quicker access to apps). “The Falster 2 represents everything Skagen stands for,” says Frederik Thrane, the company’s creative director: “an appreciation of simplicity and a thoughtful approach to how your time is spent.”

What we liked: Falster 2 has GPS capabilities built into the watch, meaning it doesn’t need to tether to a synced smartphone. So you can leave your phone at home on a long bike ride or run while still tracking your route (and distances) on your wrist.

What we didn’t like: Not much—this is one of the all-around best wearables we’ve seen this year. Though it would be great to see a Falster 2 in bright hues. We’d like to request bright fuchsia and mango-orange, please.

Best features: The smartwatch has a waterproof case for swims and splashes—an upgrade from the original Falster—and features a magnetic steel-mesh strap that’s both flexible and comfortable and facilitates quick fastening but doesn’t forsake style. ($275;

The Falster 2 is powered by Wear OS by Google OS and seamlessly runs fitness app Google Fit.




kanbanflowKeep your team on track—and apprised of daily ­expectations—with the user-friendly KanbanFlow project management app. The color-coded mobile interface provides an easy-to-digest overview of a business’s workflow and offers quick and effective ways to communicate with your employees, which can lead to better productivity. In-app tools include a timer that allows users to log time spent on any activity and the ability to generate analytic reports that can pinpoint potential bottlenecks. ($5/month;

KanbanFlow is easily integrated into popular calendars such as Google Calendar and Outlook.



MatrixGold Essentials

matrixgold essentials Jewelry design technology firm Gemvision, which was acquired by Stuller in 2009, has introduced a new CAD software system, MatrixGold Essentials, that combines features from top CAD setups Matrix and RhinoGold while incorporating elements of the user-friendly ­CounterSketch ­interface. The software boasts a clean design, an easy search bar, a custom-built browser, and ­a reimagined jobs bag to support efficient workflow, among other features. “We’re very excited to introduce a completely new software to the industry,” says Gemvision’s programming director, Albert Oldfield. Because in today’s jewelry industry, “customization is more important than ever.” (Introductory price: $5,200;

The MatrixGold Essentials system runs on what Gemvision describes as the most powerful CAD engine, Rhino 6.

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