Jewelers Voted for McCain/Palin

The 2008 elections—and those floods of campaign ads—are finally past, with Barack Obama and Joe Biden emerging victorious. But how did America’s jewelers vote in this important presidential election?

A JCK national survey of hundreds of retail jewelers found a solid majority were for the McCain/Palin ticket (58 percent), while the Obama-Biden ticket received more than a third (38 percent). Another 4 percent chose “other.” (Most of those said they were still undecided.)

Of those identifying themselves as Independents, the majority favored McCain/Palin (54 percent vs. 39 percent for Obama/Biden). Not surprisingly, most of those identifying themselves as Republican or Democrat voted for their party’s nominees (more than 90 percent in each case).

Of the hundreds of jewelers polled by JCK, almost half (46 percent) identified themselves as Republican and more than a quarter each as Democrats or Independents (27 percent each). And they’re good citizens: 98 percent voted.