Jewelers and Buying Groups

Just 35% of jewelers recently surveyed in a JCK Retail Panel said they belonged to a jewelry-buying group such as the Retail Jewelers Organization. More results of the survey are shown in the charts below.

If you belong to a jewelry-buying group, have you attended at least one of its organized diamond-buying trips to Belgium—which are promoted to customers beforehand to encourage diamond pre-purchases?

Yes 37%
No 63%

If the promotion effectively drew in sales, how much money did the effort raise?

0-$10,000 24%
$10,001-$20,000 59%
$20,001-$30,000 6%
$30,000+ 12%

If you belong to a jewelry-buying group, for how many years have you done so?

0-5 42%
5-10 13%
10-15 15%
15+ years 30%