JCK5: How to Let Go of Staffers Who Aren’t Working Out

Diamond Staffing Solutions president Suzanne Courvisier-Mathis on letting go of staffers who aren’t working out:

1. Every state has different rules. Check with your labor board—there’s always a process for firing people.

2. Never, ever fire someone without a witness. If the employee says you said something you didn’t, someone can corroborate your story.

3. It’s unfair, unless it’s for cause, to fire someone [without] warning. Give them the opportunity to fix it.

4. If it’s a long-term employee, think about giving an exit package—like two weeks’ pay. If someone is stealing from you, it’s just “ta-ta, goodbye.”

5. Be concise. Something like, “Things aren’t working out because of this or that. Here are your exit papers.” Then, “Thank you for your service,” and stand up to signify the meeting is over. Keep your emotions out of it.

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