JCK Asks…Michael Beaudry

On designs, diamonds, and daredevil feats

As Russell Crowe growls in the 2000 sword-and-sandal epic Gladiator: “What we do in life echoes in eternity.” That maxim from Michael Beaudry’s favorite film couldn’t be more apt when it comes to his chosen career; after all, what is more everlasting than a diamond, and more timeless than a hand-crafted jewel passed on through generations? You know his jewelry; let’s get to know the man behind the inimitable designs.

Age: 45

Lola and Max

Number of years in the biz: 26

Number of employees you oversee: 12

Family/pets: Wife Laura; son Max; Corky and Pinot, West Highland Terriers; Lola, 130 lb. chocolate lab; and Henry, the frog who lives in Max’s fish tank.

Describe your personal style: Blue jeans or black tie is okay with me.

First piece you ever designed: After cutting my very first diamond, I designed a contemporary ring for my Aunt Denise as a thank-you for her love and support.

Laura Beaudry’s ring

The single piece of jewelry you’re most proud of: A tie between my wife’s wedding ring and my aunt’s ring

Most spectacular/expensive colored diamond piece you’ve ever made: The most expensive per carat was the first-of-its-kind three-stone red diamond ring. The center oval and two matched side ovals all had the identical red color and brilliancy.

Favorite color of diamond: Blue. Next would be pink.

First job ever: On a berry farm in Oregon during the summers. After three years I made enough to pay for my own clothes and first car. Thus began my independence.

Beaudry’s FlashSet diamond band

How did you get started designing jewelry? I got frustrated seeing well-cut diamonds go into really pedestrian or unsafe mountings. So I sought to take a diamond cutter’s eye for detail and a sculptural approach and delved into jewelry manufacturing.

If you weren’t designing jewelry, what would you be doing? I also design homes and home furnishings as part of our Beaudry Maison Collection. But if I had to do something completely new, I would probably move to the mountains and teach people how to ski. 


What did you have for breakfast? Bagel and lox

Jewelry you’re wearing right now: A 5 mm squared-shank wedding band that is hand-engraved on each section. Also, I collaborated with MIIORI to design a new gents’ ring with squared rails and a spinning center of FlashSet white and black diamonds. The ring is super cool and looks like snakeskin when the center spins.

Five items on your desk: A sketch pencil, drawing paper, iPod, cup of coffee, some crumbs from my bagel


Five songs on your playlist: “Karmacoma,” ­Massive Attack; “Possum Kingdom,” the Toadies; “Is That All There Is?” Peggy Lee; “La Voce del Silenzio,” Andrea Bocelli; “I Ka Barra (Your Work),” Habib Koité & Bamada

Exercise regimen: I try to run three times a week an average of four to five miles. I also mix in the Nautilus, elliptical machine, and chopping wood when I am home.

Guilty pleasure: Heli-skiing. It is dangerous and I know my wife does not want me to do it.


Drink (daytime/evening): I have a passion for fine wine—occasionally a vodka martini with three olives or a shot of sipping tequila.

Scent: Fierce by Abercrombie & Fitch

How do you unwind? I love to powder ski and dirt bike ride (sometimes the same slopes).

Favorite thing to do in L.A.: Watch Max play soccer. We all love exploring new restaurants together.

Courtesy of Random House

Superstitious? I try to always give thanks to God and not take his name in vain. I am still working on it.

Book you’re reading: Bill Boyajian’s Developing the Mind of a Leader. Just finished Steve Jobs.

Book you’ve been meaning to get to: The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest

Main means of transportation: Nothing beats the BMW X5 M for Mulholland Drive to Rodeo Drive. In the country, I have an old Dodge Ram 4 x 4.

Dreamworks/Courtesy Everett Collection

Favorite movie: Gladiator

Who would play you in your life story? Russell Crowe, of course…Ha!

Personal motto: For years it was “Coffee is for ­closers.” More often now I use an oldie but a goodie: “The devil is in the details.”

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