JCK Asks…Coralie Charriol Paul of Charriol

On being born into the Charriol brand

Coralie Charriol Paul admits she’s been in the jewelry business pretty much since she was born. That’s just how things work in the Charriol family: Her father, Philippe, founded the brand in 1983 and runs the company; mom Marie-Olga works in public relations; Coralie’s brother, Alexandre, serves as visual director; and Coralie holds the title of creative director for worldwide jewelry. “I have always loved jewelry,” she confesses. Her goal when designing the brand’s signature twisted-steel-cable and stone-embellished styles is simple: “to create things that are beautiful, and that will make someone feel great when they wear them.”

Charriol Coralie collection gold ring

Age: Who wants to know?

Number of years in the biz: Since I was born…but technically 13 years.

Family and pets: Three children, who all want pets, but I haven’t given in (yet!).

Describe your personal style: European chic.

First piece you ever designed: The Coralie gold collection. I was just out of college; all the pieces had our classic C-logo motif. I wanted to elevate the brand, and design pieces for me and my girlfriends from around the world.

With Philippe and Alexandre

The single piece of jewelry you’re most proud of: The Forever Young bangle, which is named after my favorite song by Rod Stewart. I update it every year, and it’s been our best-selling piece for the last five years. This year it has screw motifs and comes in 12 different colors!

Best piece of advice you ever received: “Take initiative! Don’t wait for it to come to you. You go get it.”

Worst piece of advice: I can’t recall, but there is no shortage of bad advice. It comes at you daily. You have to learn to ignore most of what people tell you.

Forever Young bangles

First job ever: Selling sweaters at a Benetton store at 16. I made $100 and framed it.

How did you get started designing jewelry? I started working at Charriol in the PR department, traveling the world to different markets to do PR and promotions. I came back to the office with loads of market research about what women wanted to wear and what they were ready to buy. I then worked with in-house designers to create the Coralie gold jewelry.

If you weren’t designing jewelry, what would you be doing? Designing watches! But I am going to do that next. I am right where I am supposed to be.

St. Tropez 35 mm with moon-phase watch

Jewelry you’re wearing right now: Engagement ring, Charriol St. Tropez 35 mm with moon-phase watch, three Tango bangles, Forever Young bangle, Black Celtic Cable bangle, Tango ring, and small stud earrings.

Items on your desk right now: Thank-you notes; a Charriol pen; a vase of orange tulips; a hot cup of Earl Grey tea in a big teacup by Hermès (safari pattern, which I love); a drawing by my daughter that says “I love you!”; a ton of business cards; and a bar of Fruition chocolate (70 percent dark).

Songs on your playlist: “We Are Young,” “Fly Me to the Moon,” “La Vie en Rose,” “I Love It,” “Glory,” “All of Me.”


Exercise regimen: Surfing as much as possible, when time/travel permits. When in New York City, I do kickboxing every morning after I drop the kids off at school.

What did you have for breakfast? Tea and then coffee, two pieces of toast with honey, and two boiled eggs.

Guilty pleasure: Girls’ surf trips and dark chocolate.

Drink (daytime/evening): More tea…then red wine.

Scent: Tourmaline perfume by Charriol.

Pictorial Press/Alamy
When Harry Met Sally

How do you unwind? I take a hot bath with lots of lavender salts.

Book you’re reading: I just finished Gone Girl and Beautiful Ruins. I am looking for my next book.

Preferred news source: BBC.

Main means of transportation: Weather permitting, I like to get around New York City on my kick scooter.

Favorite movie: When Harry Met Sally never disappoints.

Who would play you in your life story? Rachel McAdams or Emma Stone.

George Pimentel/Getty Images
Rachel McAdams

Personal motto: “I believe that opportunities never repeat themselves, so make the right choices, and then don’t regret anything!”