JCK 5: When to Be Suspicious of Shoppers

1. A shopper or employee lingering near a high-value-item showcase might be contemplating a theft. Shoppers with bulky bags or coats (especially if the coat is inappropriate for the weather) who lean on cases could be concealing a hard object in preparation for a smash-and-grab.2. Shoppers who ask to see multiple items could be plotting a snatch-and-grab. “I’d like to compare the two side by side” is a common request—and one you should usually deny. And don’t ever let anyone take a piece outside “to look at it in natural light.” That could be the last you see of it.3. An empty retail space above, below, or adjacent to you is a risk. Thieves can enter via neighboring walls. Lock up all items, not just high-end ones, when you close.4. JSA alerted retailers about a scam in which a caller poses as an alarm company employee and asks for the store password. You would never give y

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