JCK 5: What’s Clicking on JCKonline

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1. Theft May Rank Among Industry’s Largest Ever
The heist, ­during which 72 safe deposit boxes in London’s Hatton Garden district were looted of some $300 million in cash and gems, drew comparisons to the criminal feats of Ocean’s Eleven.

2. Power List 2015: Power Base
Our annual list of 50 (or so) jewelry industry CEOs, retailers, designers, and tastemakers caused quite a stir.

3. Cruise Line May Have to Honor Bargain Price for 20 Ct. Diamond
A cruise line that mistakenly sold a $4.9 million 20 ct. diamond at its per-carat price ($235,000) may have to honor the deal, ruled a Florida court.

4. Today Show Takes Aim at Vacation-Area Jewelers
An April 2 segment warned viewers that some jewelry sold to vacationers is overpriced and misleadingly labeled.

5. 100 Ct. Diamond Earns $22.1 Million in Record-Breaking Sale
An April 21 sale, which featured the Ultimate Emerald Cut Diamond, set several records at Sotheby’s New York.