JCK 5: Ways to Boost Bridal

1. Follow Up: “It’s called top of mind,” says the Gemological Institute of America’s ­Russell Shor, who advocates doing ­something as simple as sending an ­anniversary card.

2. Don’t Undersell: “Unfortunately, often in this industry we sell down. We don’t sell up,” says Platinum Guild International’s Huw Daniel. “We are almost apologetic about the cost of our goods. Sales associates feel they’re doing customers a favor by showing less expensive options. A lot of it is driven by fear of losing the sale.”

3. Project a Bridal Image: “So many ­retailers don’t project a bridal image at all,” says Rhonda Edelman of Hearts On Fire. “Your webpage must scream bridal, or the customer will go elsewhere.”

4. Advertise Locally: Scott Kay’s Dan Scott suggests a less expensive, more effective grassroots approach: “Would you rather have 50,000 eyeballs nationwide or get five people in your store?”

5. Tap Into the ­Wedding Budget: Tacori’s Paul Tacorian encourages sales associates to have a chat with customers that goes something like this: “You’re having a wedding cake, flowers, a DJ, and everything goes home and dies. Cut back on a few other things. A beautiful wedding band you’ll have for life.”