JCK 5: Top Tweets From JCK 2014

JCK Las Vegas is a time for meeting, greeting, and, often, tweeting. Here’s some of the best 140-character ­wisdom to emerge from Sin City:

1. Andrea Hill (@andreahill): Why can’t I go to Las Vegas without thinking of Stephen King’s “The Stand?” I shouldn’t have read it so many times

2. Luxury Brand Group (@LuxuryBrandPR): What happens in Vegas goes on Twitter immediately @RobThomas #ProvingRobRight 

3. Wendy Brandes (@WendyBrandes): So excited for a concert in a pool. Don’t care who is performing. I care about the pool!

4. Adornmentality (@Adornmentality): The greatest and most interesting walks of life appear on flights in and out of #Vegas

5. idazzle (@idazzle): Sometimes I think #jewelryweek @by_couture and @JCKEvents need to be 10 days or so to see everyone. Then I look at my feet. #amputate