JCK 5: Tips From Feng Shui Masters

When working with retailers, visual ­merchandisers and interior designers often use the ancient Chinese art of feng shui. Here are five tips for creating a ­successful business environment:

1. Add water. Water treatments, such as a fountain or a fish tank, positioned near the entrance or inside the boutique are thought to attract and retain wealth.

2. Incorporate metal. A 20- to 50-pound metal sculpture in the eastern part of the space will repel negative energy.

3. Never block an entrance. Anything that blocks the entrance, such as a column or a tree, can prevent people from wanting to enter the store and, hence, inhibit business.

4. Use natural materials. Even if materials are man-made, natural-looking materials convey a warm and friendly environment.

5. Create feelings of openness. Take out unnecessary walls or columns. Open up your space. Good feng shui is good interior design.

SOURCES: Ruth Mellergaard, Janice Sugita, and Gabrielle Levin

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