JCK 5: Tips for Working With Showrooming Shoppers

Jewelers can deal effectively with showroomers by promoting a fair price image and engaging productively with smartphone users. Here are more ways to blunt the ­showrooming impact:

1. Offer services unavailable from Internet vendors. Emphasize benefits such as the expertise available only at your store.

2. Curate your assortments. Include unique items that cannot be found easily online. Bundle items into “complete solution” packages, which can’t be readily shopped on the Web.

3. Choose suppliers carefully. Carry merchandise from those who don’t supply online vendors as well.

4. Replace cash registers with mobile tablets that allow the staff to provide immediate merchandise information. Create a mobile app to assist customers and control their online experience.

5. Continually ask yourself: What do shoppers want that they can’t get online?

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