JCK 5: Tips for Planning the Best Business Meetings

Consider these best practices from some of the world’s most innovative businesses when you’re planning your next staff meeting.

1. Bring in speakers. Virgin founder Richard Branson often brings in experts to speak on different topics to get his teams thinking in “new, exploratory ways.”

2. Don’t wait for a meeting to make decisions. Google never wants to slow down its stable of big thinkers, so it instituted this policy in 2011 to speed up its management velocity.

3. Keep meetings small. Apple’s Steve Jobs always kept gatherings small. Everyone there was expected to contribute—no spectators allowed.

4. Respect people’s time. Jay Chiat, cofounder of powerhouse ad agency Chiat/Day, would bounce employees from the conference room when he realized they weren’t going to get anything out of the meeting.

5. Huddle up. If time is of the essence, consider a stand-up meeting. New Orleans–based Reily Foods Co. has one for just a few minutes every morning.