JCK 5: Tips for Giving Your Jewelry Store a Signature Scent

Used wisely, scent can be a powerful selling tool. But beware pitfalls in perfuming! We asked Air Esscentials president Spence Levy for his top tips for scenting a jewelry store.

1. Be matchy-matchy. “You don’t want to smell leather in a fish restaurant—your brain is going to say, ‘This is uncomfortable.’?”

2. Don’t cut corners. Glade PlugIns won’t achieve the luxurious effect you’re going for, says Levy. The fragrance will probably remind clients of cleaning.

3. Tread lightly. “A huge mistake is over-scenting,” he says. “Stores keep turning up the machines because they get used to the smell and can’t [detect] it anymore.”

4. Get some air. Gauge the intensity of your store’s scent by occasionally stepping outside, breathing deeply, then reentering the store. “If you stay in the environment, you’ll never be able to judge what it smells like.”

5. Mix and match. Though vanilla is hugely popular, never use the note—or any other—alone. Aim for an artful mix of smells.

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