JCK 5: Tips for Creating Engaging Online Content

Todd Roberts, founder of creative branded content company Truant Media, shares tips on how brands can ­create compelling online content:

1. Including good, solid information is key. Give users something they can take away. You want people to share that information, so make it exciting.

2. Extend goodwill to your audience. For example, give advice on where to find items or product categories you don’t carry. Whole Foods does this to great effect. That goes a long way in getting someone back in the door.

3. Put effort into the photography on your site. Video is great, but it’s a high-ticket item in terms of content. Photos are the No. 1 most shared content type on Facebook. Make sure yours are high-quality and they will swim around the Web.

4. People love lists and [bite-size] information. Keep things short. If you can’t read and digest a piece of content in a couple of minutes or less, it’s not really going to work.

5. Get personal. Content that provides a window into your own life and feelings is always compelling.

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