JCK 5: Things to do Before the Holiday Rush

1. Visual Effects

Establish a theme, and keep it consistent in displays, decorations, invitations, and direct mail. Change out busts, forms, and platforms. (Levine Design Group offers simple neck form covers in classic colors, pictured.) 

2. Hire Principles

“The important element to successful hiring of seasonal help is to start now,” says Diamond Staffing Solutions president and founder Suzanne DeVries. Brief them on assignments, product, and procedures by Halloween.

3. Motivate the Troops

Incentivize staff with things they can use: spa services, tickets to sporting events (good seats, not nosebleeds). “If bad weather hits and the store is dead, offer incentives for outreach calls to customers,” says DeVries. 

4. Working Your Ads

When leaves start changing, begin sending weekly direct mailers. But beware of overkill. “Don’t try to conquer a new medium in November and December,” says Mike Buley, owner of Jewelry Ads that Work.

5. The Art of Appreciation

Good customers expect more than an invite to a trunk show. Be creative! Order gifts by Halloween, get ready by November, distribute by Black Friday. And gift cards are always welcome. Try a no-minimum-purchase card of $100. Says Buley: “You’ll be amazed at the response.”