JCK 5: The Best Social Media Sites for Internal Use

Interested in using social media in-house to support your business? These are the top five social media sites for use internally, says Adonica Shaw, social media strategist at Image in Motion PR in Los Angeles.

1. Facebook: Create a closed or secret group to which new participants must be invited.

2. Pinterest: Establish secret boards for videos, pictures, and text to be shared only by people in your group.

3. LinkedIn: Set up a group and invite other people to join. The downside: Privacy issues are a concern, and you need someone’s personal email address to join. On the plus side, it’s very professional.

4. Google+: Use hangouts on this site, which can be private but is easy to search and see other people’s interests.

5. Brabble: A blend of Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter, this new, very interactive platform is used in real time, so it works like a conversation. Use it “to increase teamwork or do fun competitions between sales teams during private events or product launches,” Shaw says.

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