JCK 5: Steal These Holiday Marketing Ideas for Your Store

1 Finders, Keepers

From Black Friday to Christmas Eve, Dean Jewelry stashed wrapped gifts all over Coshocton and Mt. Vernon, Ohio. Hints were posted on the jeweler’s website and announced on WQIO-FM each day.

2 It’s in the Bag

Bellman’s Jewelers in Portsmouth, N.H., placed shopping bags from neighboring merchants under its Christmas tree—to remind customers to support downtown retailers.

3 Go Figure

Sacra­mento, Calif.’s Grebitus & Sons set a papier-mâché Christmas scene. The life-size animated figures (a man, woman, and dog) “came alive” during store hours.

4 Picture It…

Comstock Jewelers in Edmonds, Wash., hired Kristine Henshaw to do “quick-draw” portraits—full-color, 9- x 12-inch paintings in 20 minutes.

5 Can Artist

At John Michael’s Fine Jewelers in Cape Coral, Fla., donations to the “Get Your Can in Here” food and toy drive gave customers a chance to win a $1,000 diamond pendant.