JCK 5: Luxury Promotions

1. Kirk Masters & Sons, in Utica and Richmond, Mich., threw a Diamonds Are Forever bash. The first 250 women got a 1.00 ct. CZ and raffle ticket. The prize: $2,200 diamond stud earrings.

2. Hamilton Jewelers of New Jersey and Palm Beach, Fla., joined Ferrari for An Event of Elegance, a luxury car rally with chances to win jewelry.

3. Underwood Jewelers, in Jacksonville, Fla., paired up with Ritani for a scavenger hunt. More than 300 couples participated. The winner got a $15,000 diamond engagement ring.

4. Roman Jewelers, in Flemington and Bridgewater, N.J., and 16 bridal businesses gave a $100,000 wedding to the couple who made the biggest impact on a local charity.  

5. Dransfield Jewelers, in Richmond, Va., held a “Greatest Love Story” contest. The winners received a window display and a $100 gift certificate.