JCK 5: Lessons Learned

To avoid a jewelry heist, consider this hard-earned advice from Karat 22 Jewelers owner Aku Patel:

1. Install a primary and secondary alarm system. For added security, have the systems installed by two different companies.

2. If your security system has a drop-line or loss-of-signal alarm, don’t casually disregard it. Treat it and every alarm like an actual alarm, and call the police.

3. Secure a rooftop with wireless security cameras and motion sensors. And be sure there’s good zone coverage with motion sensors between the roof and the store’s drop ceiling.

4. If you have a vault, keep the alarm system in it. Make sure to have phone and alarm lines in different areas or security zones in the store.

5. Once police have investigated a burglary, share information with local merchants and industry members so they can learn from your experience.

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