JCK 5: Expert Tips to Boost Silver Sales

1. Have good line representation in store. This doesn’t always mean a $5,000 buy-in, but it does mean having a cohesive mix. Cherry-picking from a few vendors minimizes the “oomph in cases,” says the Cargo Hold’s Bob Glenn. And make sure you have a good inventory of rings. “Women love trying them on,” he says.

2. Treat your silver jewelry like it’s gold. Don’t bury it in the back of the store. Create a presence for it, keep it clean, and give it good real estate. “Honor it and treat it with more respect than you’re used to and it will do well,” says Zina Sterling Silver’s Zina Sherman.

3. Use silver to attract young shoppers. “If pieces are affordable, fun, and fashionable, then maybe these customers will eventually buy engagement rings there,” says Andy Concool of Charles Garnier Paris.

4. Stock better-quality silver lines. People still shop during challenging economies, and ­higher-end lines (e.g., silver and stone pieces) look more luxurious without sacrificing value. “Everyone is looking for cheaper jewelry, but don’t race to the bottom,” urges Shawn Behnam of Cydonia & Co. “You can still associate luxury with silver.”

5. Put it in your window. When you pull big-ticket items from the window at night, consider putting a $2,000 silver piece in its place. Says the Silver Promotion Service’s Michael Barlerin: “It will get a heck of a lot of attention and enhance the awareness of the jeweler—especially ones associated with gold lines.”

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