JCK 5: Emerging Technologies

1. Augmented Reality

Think of it as Google superimposed over real life: Layar uses your iPhone or Android’s camera, GPS, and compass to show you information about your surroundings in real time. This could be the new Yellow Pages.

2. AR Markers

Viewed via webcam, two-color icons generate graphics, sound, video, and 3-D, allowing buyers to “try on” jewelry.

3. QR Codes

A matrix barcode—readable by QR scanners, camera phones, and smart­phones—containing a URL, text, or other store information. It can be used to turn print ads into video or create tracking data for ad consumption.

4. Virtual Selling

With real-time, high-quality webcam conferencing, customers can shop offsite and pay in the store later.

5. Mobile Sales Tools

With high-powered smart­phones and ubiquitous wireless access, customers can browse, virtually try on, and even order from the palms of their hands.

Source: Tom Martin, Converse Digital

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