JCK 5: Eat, Pay, Love

Reports from the retail trenches on Valentine’s Day:

1. “Diamond fashion pieces: three-stone rings, bracelets, and pendants. Pandora always ranks high too.” —Allan Torrington, co-owner, Knowles Jewelry, Minot, N.D.

2. “Those dancing diamonds that Simply Diamonds makes—those were very popular.” —Andrew Castiglione, owner, Castiglione Jewelers, Gloversville, N.Y.

3. “We have a line called Southern Gates, which is a silver line. The designs are based on gates and ironwork in Savannah, [Ga.], and Charleston, [S.C.]. That was a big seller.” —Ann Wagner, co-owner, Ludwig’s Jewelers, Chambersburg, Pa.

4. “We sold some engagement rings, some diamond studs, some Pandora, some watches.” —Gene Poole, owner, Hudson-Poole Fine Jewelers, Tuscaloosa, Ala.

5. “We sold a lot of diamond pendants with the moving diamonds.… We call that our Rhythm of Love line.” —Craig Stephan, owner, Kelly Jewelry, Columbus, Neb.