JCK 5: Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Store

Kathleen Carmical, an account executive in jewelry powerhouse Stuller’s interiors department, talks about how to spruce up your store without spending a dime.

1. Clean: You may not notice the dust bunnies on the baseboards, but your new customers will.

2. Rearrange: Have your in-case displays been in the same spot for the past five years? Even if they’ve been there for the past five weeks, change them. There is an old saying in retail: Movement is money!

3. Declutter: Your store is spotless, but you still have those 1980s gold nugget rings next to your newer stuff. Make a decision [on how to move dated merchandise] so customers can truly see your latest product.

4. Take a whiff: Scent memory is real and powerful. Make sure your store gives customers a pleasant [scent] experience.

5. Shake it up: Try standing outside the showcase so you can greet your customers face-to-face. That creates a more welcoming experience.