JCK 5: Dazzling Displays

Simple ideas to turn your store into an ultra-refined cabinet of curiosities:

1. Amplify and Exaggerate: Negative space amplifies the look of a single piece of jewelry in a case. Similarly, a baroque pearl placed beside a perfect strand of rounds makes clear why opposites attract.

2. Irony and Contrast: Help to heighten or “casualize” high-end jewelry by using denim swatches in diamond displays. The utility of the fabric plays up the luxuriousness of the gemstones.

3. Story Time: Create a story in a display case that tells the tale of the enclosed items—a buying trip transformed into a sprawling gemstone journey.

4. Brand New: Bring three to four display cases together with common design elements or jewelry types. Break up the monotony of displaying only single brands.

5. Channel Discovery: Throughout a store, make certain displays “strike points.” Use graphics and images that keep the eye moving.

Source: Ken Nisch, Chairman of JGA (JGA.com)

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