JCK 5: Cool Twitter Handles

1. @BuyLikeAGuy
Andrew Koehn, owner
Koehn & Koehn
West Bend, Wis.
“My name helps drive traffic to my Buy Like a Guy blog.”

2. @LesOlsonRocks
Pam and Bob Shinsky, owners
Les Olson Jewelers
Palm Harbor, Fla.
“We wanted an easy-to-remember name. We do rock and we sell them.”

3. @cameochats
Laurel Silva, sales associate
Cameo Jewelers
Chardon, Ohio
“Cameo Chat is our newsletter. I thought having ‘chat’ in the name was inviting and what Twitter is all about.”

4. @platinummario
Mario Macias, co-owner
JM Platinum Works
“My Twitter handle is easy to remember, say, and market, which are the basics of effective marketing.”

5. @GottaHaveBling
Larry Davis, VP of marketing
Cranston, R.I.
“Our CEO Darrell Ross was looking for a sound bite to convey how fun and exciting our jewelry is.”