JCK 5: Chinese Takeaways

What can an independent jewelry store do to capitalize on the Chinese tourist boom?

1. Commit to this audience. Nothing but total commitment will help you reap the rewards of this marketing opportunity. Consider creating a marketing group dedicated to programs for Chinese tourists.

2. Negotiate with key players. Locate ­Chinese nationals, organizations, or schools in your area. Then organize a group visit to your store. Many Chinese are particularly fond of 18k gold and loose diamonds in 1 ct.–plus sizes of exceptional color and clarity.

3. Bridge the language gap. Have a translation program on your website. Ensure your social networking efforts are Chinese-friendly by using pictures of China and the like. Use the 4Ps (price, product, place, promotion) in creating a Chinese marketing campaign. 

4. Get ready to haggle. Chinese shoppers have been known to treat negotiation as a sport. If your store doesn’t discount, consider sweetening the sale with a gift with purchase, like a hat or umbrella from a big-name brand.

5. Promote your Chinese-friendly business via local organizations. Contact ­restaurants, hotels, and car rental agencies; leave fliers promoting your store. Be sure literature is at least partly in Chinese.